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My tours are tailor-made and they are mostly focused on Kiskunsági National Park, which is located in the middle of Hungary - only 1 hour drive from Budapest. It is the second oldest national park in Hungary, which was founded in 1975. The park covers an area of 570 square kilometers and it is a mosaic of plains, salt lakes and marshes between the Danube and the Tisza rivers. The area is declared by the UNESCO to be a biosphere reserve.

The Kiskunsag National Park has a rich biodiversity of birdlife, which includes Great Bustard, Saker Falcon, Red-footed Falcon, European Bee Eater and European Roller in the breeding season. The Park is also home to thousands of cranes and geese in the autumn and wintertime with some rarity like Lesser White-fronted Goose and the Red-breasted Goose. 

Birding in the heart of Hungary

Some of the best birding places of the
Kiskunsag National Park:


This is a huge sodic lowland of the great Hungarian Plain.
This area is only 60 Km from Budapest and it's part of the Upper Kiskunsag Puszta.

It presents a nice variation of sodic meadows and grazing lands. The reconstruction of the former fish ponds outside the village of Apaj resulted in the creation of a large wetland. The large open steppes offer a spread table for the birds of prey.

The largest Hungarian colony of Great bustards also lives on these large sodic lands. A large number of the Collared Partincoles also nest in the area.


It is the member of the chain of sodic lakes in the Upper Kiskunsag. The area is outside the village of Dunatetétlen. This land is 700 hectares and it has been a nature conservation area since 1997 and it is part of the Natura 2000.

This landscape is one of the most beautiful sodic lands of the Great Plains. It is an internationally recognized habitat for water and shore birds. 


This land is is close to Böddi-szék and it's also part of the Upper Kiskunsag sodic lakes. There is a free-range farming area on the grassland around the lake.

The muddy parts get trodden by a herd of buffaloes.
The current face of the Kelemen-szék shows large, temporary and shallow sodic lakes and sodic ridges with alkali grass. This area is also home to water and shore birds especially in the migration time. 

Pusztaszer Nature
Protection Area

The nature Protection area is over 22 thousand hectares and it is close to the City of Szeged. The landscape is characterized by sodic lakes, fishponds and the Tisza river. Two of the most famous sodic lakes in the territory are the Büdös-szék and the Vesszős-szék areas.

These are the most beautiful sodic lands in the Protection Area. In addition, two famous fishpond systems can be found within the area. One of them is the Fehér-lake next to the City of Szeged and the other one is the Csaj-lake next to Csanytelek.

They both have a rich bird and wildlife and during the migration period they are very important resting places

for migrating birds.


There is a large swampy flood area next to the village of Tiszaalpár. This part of the Great Plain was formed by the Tisza. The Tisza river constitutes the Eastern border of the Kiskunsag National Park.

The backwaters, marshes and swamps are lined by forests composed of different trees. These habitats are famous for their spectacular bird life. The forests are home to the sheldom noticeable and shy black stork in the breeding season. The Olivaceous Warbler is nesting in great numbers in the area.

There is a big heron nesting colony in the willows-jungle around the Big-lake. Plenty of Night Herons,
Little Egrets, Great White Egrets, Grey Herons, Purple Herons, Spoonbills and Squacco Herons nest in the area.

Prices for Day trips

I offer full-day and half-day birding and nature trips. I can also manage to design your holiday if you are planning to visit Hungary for a few days and I am capable of arranging your accomodation and meals as well. Join the wings of hungary for professional birdwatching!

Half Day Tour in the selected area

1 person/about 4 hours

90 EUR/each

Full Day Tour in the selected area

1 person/about 8 hours

130 EUR/each

Half Day Tour in the selected area

For 2 or more people/about 4 hours

65 EUR/each

Full Day Tour in the selected area

For 2 or more people/about 8 hours

100 EUR/each

All the prices include professional guidance and transport from and back to the collection point and packed-lunch for full day trips. I can provide binoculars and the use of telescopes at no extra cost.  Contact me if you have any questions about prices or any other details.

The best birding places on the map

1. Apajpuszta 2. Kelemen-szék 3. Böddi-szék 4. Tiszaalpár 5. Pusztaszer Nature Protection Area

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