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"Discover the surprising birdwatching paradise in Hungary"

Professional birdwatching tours with Wings of Hungary. This company is for those who want to discover the natural treasures of Hungary. Wings of Hungary offers affordable and tailor made services for birding and wildlife tours in the country. Feel free to contact me if you are on vacation or on business trip and you would like to spend a day or even a half day to live out your passion. I can also help you to design your holiday from the beginning and offer suggestions for accommodation in the area. It is my goal to make your Hungarian journey a memorable one. I am active in all four seasons. 
Every season has a different face in Hungary.

Wintertime is great for a visit due to the forest birds and woodpeckers to be observed. Eagles like the Eastern Imperial Eagle and White-tailed Eagle can be easily seen this time.

Moreover, Northern visitors like Snow Bunting and Twite can be observed on the steppe as well. This time of the year, the sodic grasslands and the marshes are home to thousands of wintering Geese, Wildfowls and Common Cranes.

Spring and summertime are the most colourful seasons in the year when the wildflowers start blooming on the grasslands. It is a natural highlight for birdlife.
In Hungary, spring provides a wonderful birding experience and boasts in species. Then, the breeding season is in focus.

It is the easiest time to see European Roller, Bee Eater, Golden Oriole, Red-footed Falcon and Great Bustard.

Autumn is probably one of the best times for birdwatching. The main attraction is migration. This time, huge flocks of Common Cranes and Geese arrive from the North to the salt lakes and to the swampy areas alike.

It is the best time to observe the Red-breasted Goose and the very rare Lesser White-fronted Goose.

"The nature is closer if you explore it with a professional guide"

About me

I am Tamas Vass. I'm a licensed tour guide. I live in Kecskemét in the heart of the Kiskunsági National Park.
I have been focusing on nature in my whole life and
I'm passionate about birding. I have undertaken several research projects in the National Park such as the MAP/ birdlife monitoring project.

With my field experience, I can present you most of the habitats and take you to the best birding spots and help you to observe many rare and local species.

If you contact me, you will find that I'm very enhusiastic and highly efficient at e-mailing detailed information to you.